Created custom for a full length horror film, DEMON DETECTIVE harkens to the 70’s and 80’s thriller and suspense book covers typefaces with a bit of a modern spin.

DEMON DETECTIVE (Starting at $50*)


General personal/non-profit usage Everything from the previous category plus:Everything from the previous category plus:
Social Media logosMarketing (Newspapers, online ads, flyers)international marketing usage (music, film, graphic design)
Non-profit graphics (teaching presentations)Store signageFilm or Video Game usage (UI, Titles, Cut-Scenes)
Store Merchandise (Shirts, Hats, Bumper stickers, posters, coffee mugs)
Web Presence (Website, social media)
Up to 150 impressions (usages)Up to 5,000 impressions (usages)5,001 and more impressions (usages)
$52.32$93.76Contact for quote
*Final pricing includes service and processing fees

How to Purchase

Email for your license request and include which font you’d like to purchase. All payments will be made through PayPal prior to receiving your license and font.

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