Created custom for a full length horror film, DEMON DETECTIVE harkens to the 70’s and 80’s thriller and suspense book covers typefaces with a bit of a modern spin.

DEMON DETECTIVE (Starting at $50)


General personal/non-profit usage Everything from the previous category plus:Everything from the previous category plus:
Social Media logosMarketing (Newspapers, online ads, flyers)international marketing usage (music, film, graphic design)
Non-profit graphics (teaching presentations)Store signageFilm or Video Game usage (UI, Titles, Cut-Scenes)
Store Merchandise (Shirts, Hats, Bumper stickers, posters, coffee mugs)
Web Presence (Website, social media)
Up to 150 impressions (usages)Up to 5,000 impressions (usages)5,001 and more impressions (usages)
$50$90Contact for quote

How to Purchase

Email for your license request. All payments will be made through PayPal prior to receiving your license and font.

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