Category: Thoughts

  • Bored


    There was a time when I actively rushed home after work just so I could take off my shoes, change into something more comfortable, make a quick dinner, and sit on my balcony watching the clouds or work on a side project I was doing. This went on for quite a few years actually, sometimes…

  • Not Part of the Bigger Picture

    Not Part of the Bigger Picture

    Have you ever felt left out of the bigger picture? Let me ask that again: have you ever felt like you were a part of something but not entirely? I have no idea what you’re talking about. Okay, let me try and clarify a bit. You’re a part of something and you go about your…

  • The Feeling of Invisible

    The Feeling of Invisible

    So what do you do when you feel invisible? No really, I’m asking a serious question here: what do you do when you find yourself walking down your apartment complex’s hallway back to your place, and suddenly you’re washed over with an undeniable feeling of being invisible? Did you drink a vial marked “?” from…

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