I have a FAQ section now? What is this? Wait, are you asking what FAQ stands for or why I have one? Seriously needs to be a better way to tell tone online. Anyway, this section will grow over time if I find there are more commonly asked questions from you, the people who find my site.

Do you make fonts?

Here’s the deal: I made a few fonts years ago and they seemingly have saturated themselves into the world that is the internet. The fonts are:

  • “Fiddiums Family”
  • “Casper” (real original name)
  • “Beverly Hills Cop” (I basically gave up trying to name things)
  • “TR2N”

All of these fonts are listed under the name “DJ-JohnnyRka” (ugh, that’s a flashback to a time I’d rather forget about).

When I made these fonts, I wasn’t very good at them but still did it anyway. I don’t consider myself a designer of fonts and don’t plan on making more anytime soon. Let’s face it, they’re a lot of work and rarely worth the time and effort one would put into them.

Can I use your font for my project?

This is the question you probably clicked on this page to have answered. And the answer is, sure.


  1. These fonts are all based on copyrighted logo treatments from major motion picture companies. I DO NOT own the rights to their initial designs.
  2. I WILL NOT make a custom variation of the fonts for you.
  3. The fonts themselves were all released as they are and will not be changed.
  4. I WILL NOT be held responsible if you use the font for your company / cd cover / dvd cover / brochure / etc and are caught by the owners of the original font.
  5. Use the fonts. Stop emailing me about them.

What do you charge for your work?

It honestly varies. I don’t charge a flat rate for my design work as each project greatly varies depending upon content and theĀ amount of resources I’ll need to gather to produce it.

If you have a project you’d like me to quote to you, send me all the information you have for it (ideas, concepts, dimensions, turn around time, etc) and I will gladly send you back a quote.